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Desperate Measures, 5 Stars! Click link above to read full review!


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4 out of 5 stars!

Rochelle and Nathan Moore, a successful couple, have hit a brick wall in their marriage. The passion is barely there as work obligations take over. Nathan’s goal as a husband and father is to make sure his family has financial security and the only way he knows how to do that is by working long hours on his newly started business. Rochelle understands that Nathan needs to build up his business, but at what expense. At her wits end, Rochelle does the unthinkable and it may cost her more than she bargained for when her secret plan is revealed. Will her plan cause her to lose her husband forever?

Desperate Measures is a tale that many couples may experience after a few years of marital bliss. Life’s obligations cause us to neglect our partner in one way or another. You start to feel as if you are single again since you are spending so much time alone. As the neglected spouse, you attempt to do any and everything to bring that sizzle back into your marriage, but nothing seems to work. How far is too far? Do you cheat on your partner? Do you seek a listening ear from a long lost friend? Or do you continue to work on your partner? In an effort to make things right quickly, we make rash decisions that cause more harm than good.

I applaud Atlanta Hunter on her great character development in this relatable story. We all know someone or have personally experienced the emotions that both Rochelle and Nathan have displayed. You will find yourself battling with who is right and who is wrong. You will not be disappointed if you are looking for a great read.

Readers' Favorite

5 out of 5 Stars!!!

Testing the Waters by Atlanta Hunter revolves around the theme of love. The author brings together people from different walks of life and outlooks and binds them together in this book with the universal need called love. It is a known fact that all humans crave total love and the author shows us how everyone searches for true and unconditional love. The plot revolves around Jamal Parker and Yazmin King, who find their friendship of twenty years slowly giving way to love and romance. Now their relationship is complicated. Is that a mistake or is it for real?

The story tells us about the close friendship shared by Yazmin and Jamal and how it slowly changes to love. All the other people who come in as Yazmin and Jamal's friends are also in search of true and unconditional love. Love is the main theme here and the author weaves it beautifully through different circumstances, people and situations. Yazmin and Jamal’s changing feelings have been built up slowly, making it effective. There is a kind of vulnerability running through the romance that makes them endearing as a couple. The presence of Yazmin in Jamal's life has been seamlessly incorporated into the plot, revealing an underlying romance. All lovers will like this well written story. It upholds the truth that all of us are searching for true and unconditional love in our lives and are waiting to meet our soul mates.