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Oceans Deep: Sequel to Testing the Waters

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“I love Jamal and the life we have together, but I can’t help wanting more. I don’t want him to look at me differently. I know I shouldn’t let past insecurities tear us apart. I’m trying to fight through them, but will he understand and stay by my side?”

“Yazmin is everything I’ve ever wanted and I look forward to our future together. So, why does it look like she’s pulling away from me? I can’t let that happen. I won’t let it happen. No matter how much we want this, it’s not worth losing each other.”

The story of Jamal Parker and Yazmin King continues, only now they are Mr. and Mrs. Parker. They are coming up on their three year wedding anniversary! Life couldn’t be better, but...

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Back to Life


It’s been almost three years since thirty-four year old college professor James Pierce lost his wife. Since then, he has tried to move forward in his life. It hasn’t been easy. Brokenhearted and distraught, James doesn’t expect anything changing. There’s no way he can keep his promise to her. It’s too much to ask of anyone, but a young woman named Eve may change his mind.

Eve Franklin is a full time college student who works as a waiter at a local diner. She has decided to put her love life on the back burner until she has settled into her career as a health professional. What she won’t admit is, she’s not convinced real love exists. She and love don’t mix, but will that change?

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Beyond Repair?

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It was love at first sight when Malik and Sydney met. Once they became husband and wife, the world was theirs for the taking. That was their past, but life has knocked them down. Things are different now. They're scarred. The day their world fell apart remains in their memories. No matter what, they can never forget when everything came crashing down around them. There is no doubt the pain is great, but can they come together before it’s too late?


They have been going through the motions for almost two years. While everything appears to be fine on the outside, heartbreak lingers on the inside. What can they do? They seem to be drifting further apart with no hopes of return. Is the damage too great for them heal together? Will love be enough or are they beyond repair?